-Canceled Orders

- There will be a 25% surcharge for any cancelations after an order has been placed and payment has been recieved.

-Accepted Forms of Payment

- I will only accept Paypal or Postal Money Orders by mail. I will accept cash if you'd like to pick the animal up in person or at a show.


-Shipping Costs

- Shipping is extra and is usually around $45.


- All animals will be shipped overnight via an overnight carrier.
- If you live in my area, I will let you pick up the animals in person to save on shipping costs.
- I am a member of the Chicago Herpetological Society and attend all of the monthly meetings. I can deliver animals to these meetings free of charge.
- I also attend a few shows every year and can deliver your order to you at that time.


- Animals will not be shipped in extreme temperatures for any reason. The health and well-being of my animals is much more important than any amount of money.



- I guaranty live arrival and the health of each animal for 7 days, providing someone was available to sign for the package upon the first delivery attempt.

-DOA - Dead on Arrival

- If your animal arrives DOA, contact me immediately. I will require proof that it is indeed dead and the animal that was shipped. I would prefer a picture, but if that isn't possible, we can discuss other means.